Woodland Lace

Woodland Lace

Monday, June 12, 2017

Fabric Dyeing

                 A true sign of summer is  inviting a couple of friends over, having lunch and...

Ahh-- dyeing fabric on my back patio.

Ice Dyeing: Adding ice on top makes the dye look softer- more like a watercolor.
(The ice is melted in this photo.)

 Low emersion (tray dyeing)

 Bag dyeing

Dye Supplies


I only use Procion dyes after trying everything else. For really bright colors use a good dye. Prepare your fabric in soda ash and water by soaking it for 15 minutes. I use mason jar and squeeze bottles for the dyes. (Can not be used for food later!!) Let your fabric or shirts sit for at least 24 hours after dyeing. Rinse in water until clear and use mild soap to remove dye.

These blue trays came from  a hospital.

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